SWLEP Annual Report 2017

SWLEP Annual Report 2017
31 July 2017

The SWLEP Annual Report 2017* reflects on the achievements of the SWLEP, its finances, programmes supporting local businesses and its future plans. It also has a section on how businesses can get involved and engage with the SWLEP and its work to promote economic development. To access a digital copy of the SWLEP Annual Report 2017 click the link below.

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* The publication of an annual report is not mandatory for the SWLEP as it’s an unincorporated partnership. The SWLEP in its Constitution 2017 has made provision for the publication of an annual report as a good practice to keep up with the organisation’s commitment to public transparency and accountability.  

Picture credits: www.visitwiltshire.co.uk, www.switchontoswindon.com