£3.9m Rural Business Grants for Swindon and Wiltshire

26 January 2017

The Swindon and Wiltshire LEP along with the Rural Payments Agency organised a day event on February 8th, 2017, announcing the launch of £3.9m rural business grants for small businesses in the area. The grants are available to businesses in tourism, food and drink processing or those seeking funds to further develop their rural business.  If you missed the event but are interested in accessing infromation highlights and presentations from the day click here. For detailed information on the grants application process please click here for the applicants hand book.


Swindon and Wiltshire Rural Business Grant fund

In Swindon and Wiltshire the local priorities for the funding are grouped into three themes – Tourism, Food and Drink and Rural Innovation.

  • £1.3m fund capital grants for food and drink processing and manufacturing businesses.

  • £1m fund split between grants for new and better quality tourism accommodation and grants for small scale tourism infrastructure and information improvements.

  • £0.7m fund for rural business innovation grants that support businesses involved in improving the natural capital resources that provide our ecosystem services.

    Businesses can obtain grants of up to just under £200,000 with bigger grants available from the food and drink fund.

    Later this year, a further £300,000 will fund tourism cooperation projects that improve the visitor experience by bringing together small tourism-related businesses around geographical areas or activity themes.


    We are keen for rural tourism projects to improve the area’s overall offer, by taking advantage of Wiltshire’s diverse and historic landscape, linking to the World Heritage Site, or perhaps alongside canals or long-distance paths. Equally, a project might be linked to a major attraction in the area.

    Perhaps you have a project in mind, a barn conversion for tourist accommodation, or some other farm diversification?

    You might be developing a visitor or hospitality business with accommodation, perhaps converting space to provide quality overnight accommodation?

    If your project will lead to visitors to the area staying longer and spending more, then you should investigate our rural tourism accommodation fund.

    Is your business is looking to improve the offer to visitors to the area, perhaps introducing a new experience or attraction?

    Maybe, you plan to introduce new food and drink products into your tourism sector business, or develop a new outdoor activity or experience for visitors?

    Or more simply, you need to improve access and information to make more of an existing attraction?

    If your project will lead to new visitor experience or attractions, extends your season or attracts more and higher spending visitors, then you should look into our tourism information and infrastructure fund that can help finance a whole range of business projects.

    Food and drink

    Do you need additional capital to grow your food and drink business?

    Do you plan new lines for exporting, or improving the sustainability of the business and its products?

    All food and drink businesses, based anywhere in Swindon and Wiltshire can take advantage of a £1.3m+ fund for food and drink manufacturers.

    Rural Innovation

    Are developing new environmental services for farmers or more widely for the environment?

    Are you in agri-tech or in a technology-led business providing land management or environmental services and are looking to expand?

    Perhaps your business needs funding to develop technologies for productive and diverse natural resources, or which tackle environmental pollution?

    If you are in the business of improving the use of natural capital resources and are looking to carry out an innovative project that helps grow your business, then you may be interested in our rural innovation fund.